Developing tomorrow´s surface...
Developing tomorrow´s surface...
Developing tomorrow´s surface...


About CCR

When we founded CCR Technology in the year 1995 and started to develop RF - Plasma Technology we never thought that we would be facing the beginning of such a success story. We just followed up some technical ideas and wanted to add our modest contribution to the industrial plasma community, but today we know that we added a major contribution, probably the most efficient, flexible and reliable currently existing plasma technology in the market. More than 1500 units in more than 40 countries in the world have been sold in major markets like solar, precision optics, storage media, semi-conductor or hard and decorative coatings. But not the COPRA Technology alone caused this success. It only worked together with our company philosophy. We believe in the ethics as a gap in the market and treating our customers as partners with open access to our knowhow pool, motivated by the fact that only customer’s success is our success prove us right. That is the way we think to operate successfully in innovative markets where rapid success is demanded in order to gain the financial ressources to create front end technology. We are now working in the field of plasma since 25 years and see our jobs as a gift when we are talking to our customers and help setting the course for the development of future technology.

CCR Technology is the inventor of the COPRA Plasma Technology® and serves the supply chain of end user, original equipment manufacturers and research groups in markets like optics, solar, semiconductor, wear & decorative coatings, large area glass coatings as well as storage and display media. The business of CCR is all around COPRA Plasma Sources based on a unique 13.56 MHz RF plasma excitation method which is superior due to its power efficiency, scalability and its reliability. Target applications are plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition "PECVD" of silicon, metal oxides and nitrides for barrier & functional layers, for optical filter stacks as for protective and wear & decorative coatings, as well as the assistence of PVD Processes as f.e. Sputter Assist or E-Gun Assist.

Precision Optics
Storage Media
Architectural Glass
Wear Coatings

Optical Multilayer on Glass and Polymers
AR, Passivation and Absorber Layers
OLED Encapsulation TCO Coatings
Tunnel Magnetoresistance (TMR) barriers, Carbon Overcoats
Chemical Etching an Ion Milling
Low E Coatings
DLC, Oxide and Nitrides Coating
Roll-to-Roll Barrier Layers

The COPRA Plasma Technology is based on inductively coupled 13.56 MHz RF plasma excitation and its unique feature is the high degree of plasma excitation efficiency in combination with scalability from R&D to any kind of industrial production scale. The COPRA Technology unrivaled characteristics allows one to work with constant basic plasma parameters. This means that your process result is not negatively affected by scaling in size and speed as long as the right power level is adjusted. The COPRA Technology, a potential candidate to bring existing standards on a new level of industrial plasma production.



Our Philosophy

As a front-end component manufacturer we understand that our customers are the door to the market and to our own success. Being reliable, efficient and trustfull are therefore the key attributes of CCRs philosophy and we are always aiming to long term relationships by following the variable needs of our customers. CCR Technology does not only offer the COPRA hardware, we share also a large pool of know-how to support our customer finding the final goal in processing the COPRA Plasma Technology.