COPRA RS400-DPR Ring Plasma Source

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The COPRA RS400-DPR Ring Plasma Sources are especially developed for Large Area high rate PECVD Processes as SiN, SiO, TiO, Al2O3, DLC etc. COPRA RS400-DPR Ring Plasma Sources are easy to install and stable running Plasma PECVD Sources. Since more than 10 years several different RS-Source types are running successfully in industrial production.

For static PECVD Processes the RS-Sources are suitable for substrate sizes up to Generation 4.5 and in dynamic processes they are still running for substrate widths of more than 3 meter.

The patented COPRA Matchbox is anytime an integrated part of the Source itself. Due to the special Source design and the existing experience of CCR for more than 20 years as an independent Plasma Source Manufacturer it is possible to customize every existing source to the special requests of the customer i.e. Process, Substrate and Chamber size.

furthermore it is possible to test the large area RS-Sources in House in our facility where 2 of them are running in our PECVD Lab since several years.


Main Applications

Ø 400 mm
neutral Plasma Beam (no filament)
Integrated Remote Match
Ø 300 mm (12"Wafer)
CCR Flange
13,56 MHz
5 kW
5x10-4 to 1x10-1 mbar
7/16 or LC
2x flex tube 6 or 8 mm
>3,5 L/min
Swagelok 6 mm or VCR 1/4
160 kg