COPRA LS500x500-DPRPE Linear Plasma Source

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The COPRA LS500x500-DPRPE Linear Plasma Sources are in particular designed for high rate PECVD coatings, chemical etching and physical etching applications as also to assist atomic layer depositions for substrate sizes of up to approx.400x400 mm size in static coater set ups. A variety of different functional coatings as i.e. SiO2, SiN, Al2O3, TiO2 depositions etc. are possible to coat by simply changing precursor gases. These COPRA LS500x500-DPRPE Linear Plasma Sources can handle any type of gases for reactive etching requirements.  

Main Applications

500x500 mm
neutral Plasma Beam (no filament)
Integrated Remote Match
400x400 mm
CCR Flange
13,56 MHz
5 kW
5x10-4 to 1x10-1 mbar
7/16 or LC
Profibus or Serial
2x flex tube 6 mm
Swagelok 6 mm
95 kg