COPRA DN160-CF-GM Round Plasma Source

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The COPRA DN160-CF-GM Round Plasma Source is our smallest source solution out of our DN family. They are designed to be used for Research and Development use in the field of Plasma Surface Science on small substrates of up to 3" wafer size. High plasma densities in combination with dissociation degrees of up to 90% enable accurate surface cleaning, activation and etching as also post oxidation/nitridation of PVD processes. Those sources are also enabling basic PECVD processes on small substrate sizes. The results achieved by the COPRA DN160-CF-GM Round Plasma sources are typically transferable on larger substrate dimensions by using the COPRA plasma sources for larger substrate sizes.

Main Applications

Ø 84 mm
neutral Plasma Beam (no filament)
Manual Match
Ø 80 mm (3" Wafer)
13,56 MHz
0,6 kW
1x10-4 to 1x10-2 mbar
2x flex tube 6 mm
VCR 1/4
20 kg