R&D - COPRA Plasma PECVD Coating Lab

COPRA PECVD - Consulting, customer sampling & Process development InHouse

In the year 2012 CCR Technology GmbH in Troisdorf established it´s own PECVD Coating lab. This vertical two chamber coating system can handle large substrate sizes for process consulting & development up to 400x400 mm. The specific COPRA Plasmatechnology in it´s unique efficient excitation allows to make high quality PECVD coatings with high deposition rates in order to pass industrial coating levels. The performance and the way the COPRA ICP technology excite plasma makes it easy to scale up the process and the source itself to your industrial coating needs.


COPRA PECVD - Highest throughput performance of excellent quality films coupled with maintenance poor operation and lowest energy footprints are so we believe the key factors for the future PECVD applications.


CCR´s proprietary COPRA PECVD plasma sources are RF-ICP coupled high plasma density sources enabling great control over the directionality of the ions also at lower pressure ranges for a wide range of PECVD applications. The COPRA Plasma Sources for PECVD markets and applications are scalable for large area applications and due to their high compatibility with corrosive gases suitable for countless applications. 




- For customer sampling, consulting & Process development

- Two chamber PECVD Coating Modules for Substrate Sizes up to 400x400 mm

- fully equipped gas cabinet for oxide/nitride high rate PECVD Coatings


Current Process recipies:

- SiO2, Si3N4 Barrier Layers

- Amorphous and crystalline silicon absorber layer

- DLC hard & decorative colour coating

- atomic oxygen/nitrogen surface activation

- chemical etching also on larger substrates


Available process gases:

- SiH4

- NH3

- NF3

- H2

- Ar, N2, O2