COPRA DN401-GRPE Round Plasma Source

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The COPRA DN401-GRPE Round Plasma Source are flange mounted RF-ICP source solutions for substrate sizes of up to 8". They enable highly competitive etching and oxidation/nitridation processes. The COPRA DN401-GRPE Round Plasma Source series are being used with any type of gases and provide industrial proven solutions for your production setups. These sources are enabling state of the art post oxidation of metallized films and can significantly optimize the stoichometry of your reactively sputtered films on wafer sizes of up to 8". Highest plasma densities in combination with dissociation degrees of up to 90% will get most of your low pressure plasma applications to a new qualitative level as the ease of generation of atomic species the CCR COPRA technology provides will make your plasma processes highly reactive and responsive. The COPRA plasma source solutions are scalable. In many cases the process developments made with our smaller source solutions are being transferred on substrates of larger dimensions by using the COPRA plasma sources for larger substrate sizes which are completing our RF-ICP plasma source solution portfolio.

Main Applications

Ø 244 mm
neutral Plasma Beam (no filament)
Integrated Remote Match
Ø 200 mm (8"Wafer)
CCR Flange
13,56 MHz
5 kW
1x10-4 to 1x10-2 mbar
2x flex tube 6 mm
VCR 1/4
40 kg