COPRA Ring Plasma Sources

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The COPRA RF-ICP Plasma Beam Source

The COPRA RF-ICP Plasma Beam Technology based on its inductively coupled 13,56 MHz excitation. Scalable from R&D to more or less any kind of industrial production scale the COPRA´s unrivaled characteristics allows one to work with constant basic plasma parameters. This means that your process result is not negatively affected by scaling in this and speed as long as the right power level is adjusted. The COPRA RF-ICP sources are working gas independent, reliable and maintenance poor. This makes them perfectly suited to full-fill your process and application needs. The Standard COPRA delivers a high ion current (ICD) at constantly low ion energies (IE) which can be easily controlled and adjusted if needed. The always integrated RF-Matching-Network as well as the possibility of customization and freedom of scalability completes our portfolio.

COPRA Ring Plasma Sources (RS-Series)

Large Area PECVD high throughput source solutions for industrial coating markets. The COPRA Ring Plasma Sources (RS-Series) robust design is industrial proven and due to its lowest maintenance costs in particular suited for longer coating campaigns. The RS-Source Series are scalable to serve customized dimensional needs. The Design of the COPRA Ring Plasma Sources paired with the unique features of the COPRA Plasma Technology® can cover substrate widths of more than 3 meter by mounting several RS-Sources InLine one beside the other.

The COPRA Ring Plasma Sources are suitable for…

  • Plasma treatment like Surface Activation & Cleaning
  • High Rate Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD)
  • Plasma Etching (chem./soft/fast)

Main Applications