COPRA LS360x200-GRPE Linear Plasma Source

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The COPRA LS360x200-GRPE Linear Plasma Source is designed for PVD-Assisted DLC coating processes as also fast substrate cleaning and activation processes on substrate widths of up to 300 mm. The COPRA LS360x200-GRPE Linear Plasma Source solutions for batch PVD drum/tool coaters are state of the art Sputter Assist solutions with benchmarking post oxidation performances for high quality and productivity markets. The exceptional post oxidation properties are gaining increasing market interest for precision optical coating applications with high throughput requirements where magnetron sputtering solutions are gaining more and more market. These LS sources in a reactive sputter set up do also increase the densification of your film providing a better stoichiometry of it thus enabling high quality decorative coatings. The COPRA LS360x200-GRPE Linear Plasma Source are typically installed in mixed PVD/PECVD coater setups where you have movable substrates as i.e. vertical or horizontal batch/or inline coaters. 

Main Applications

360x200 mm
neutral Plasma Beam (no filament)
Integrated Remote Match
300 mm
CCR Flange
13,56 MHz
5 kW
2x10-4 to 1x10-2 mbar
7/16 or LC
2x flex tube 6 mm
Swagelok 6 mm or VCR 1/4
85 kg