COPRA PVD-Assist Solutions for your existing sputter or E-Gun Coater

The CCR COPRA PVD-Assist solutions enable state of the art post oxidation of thin metal layers for optical coating applications on substrates size of up to 12 inches.

The CCR COPRA PVD-Assist solutions in hybrid PVD/PECVD batch or inline optical coaters increase the densification of reactively sputtered films enabling high quality film coatings and damage free cleaning on batch or inline coater designs with substrate sizes up to 4 feet.

The CCR COPRA PVD-Assist solutions for Low Energy Ion assisted Deposition (IBAD) are easy to install on evaporation coaters of calotte or planetary dome sizes of up to 2 mtr and run with  standard RF power supplies.

The COPRA PVD-Assist solutions allow to set the adequate energy for each different process phase with very good layer smoothness properties.

The COPRA PVD-Assist sources run with any type of gas and do not need any neutralizer or filament thus enabling particle, absorption and drift free and thermally stable coatings.