A highly efficient deposition method where the plasma
is cracking the molecules and chemical reactions occur to form the layer

Highest throughput performances of excellent quality films coupled with maintenance poor operation and lowest energy footprints are so we believe the key factors for the future PECVD applications.

CCR´s proprietary COPRA low energy PECVD Plasma Coating Sources are RF-ICP coupled high density plasma sources enabling great control over the directionality of the ions also at lower pressure ranges for a wide range of PECVD applications. The COPRA Plasma Sources for PECVD markets and applications are scalable for large area applications and due to their high compatibility with corrosive gases suitable for countless applications. The COPRA RF-ICP technology  represents an industrial proven quasi neutral beam RF-ICP plasma source solution with process efficiencies which will make you want to plan your industrial  thin film coating needs with our COPRA low energy PECVD Plasma Coating Source technique.

The COPRA low energy PECVD Plasma Coating Source technology is already changing and contributing to change the game in industrial PECVD applications.